Sienna Apartments

SiennaApartments 1 Sienna Apartments

Sienna Apartments The site for a small apartment building located in the Jubilee Hills checkpost area of Hyderabad city offered vantage views of the city and of the adjoining park. Hyderabad is one of the early movers amongst cities in India that used form based coding to structure the construction of new buildings. The client […]

Hues of AlUla

Alula 1 Hues of AlUla

Hues of AlUla LocationAlUla, Saudi Arabia StatusCompetition Design TeamSameep Padora, Sudarshan Venkataraman, Deebak Tamilmani, Sadhvi Vanjare Considering its significance as a living museum that encapsulates 200,000 years of activity, any dwelling built within this Oasis of Cultural History comes with the responsibility of ensuring that the inhabitants are always aware of its majesty. The sheer […]

Hampi Art Labs

HampiArtLabs 1 scaled Hampi Art Labs

Hampi Art Labs The Hampi Art Lab hopes to foster creative thinking, by creating a space where collaboration and experimentation is possible. Located on a 5 acre site in Karnataka’s city of Vijayanagar, Hampi Art Lab is inspired by the riverine and her gentle sculpting of the surrounding hills, the project is rooted by a […]

Zama Villas

Zama 1 scaled Zama Villas

Zama villas situates itself amidst the scale of the Zama Village in Goa. It attempts to deconstruct the density of a typical village and rethinks the single family housing typology by imbibing the street and cultural sense of community from a village.

Vana Villas

SND3744 Pano resized Vana Villas

The property boasts a truly unique elongated plot of land, characterized by an impressive 1:8 ratio, coupled with a slender wooded area that runs parallel to it. This slender forested strip adds a touch of natural beauty and serenity to the landscape. Furthermore, the terrain itself gently slopes at a 1:10 gradient, reminiscent of historical land divisions commonly found in traditional settings, where the land gradually slopes from the access road towards fields or bodies of water located at the opposite end.

House of Multiple Courts

HouseofMultipleCourts New 9 House of Multiple Courts

Located at Nachinola, in a settlement amidst a serene littoral landscape adjacent to lush paddy fields, the house is built with laterite respond to the surroundings with various enclouse gestures.