Hampi Art Labs

The Hampi Art Lab, situated in Vijayanagar, Karnataka, spans 5 acres, drawing inspiration from the Tungabhadra River’s landscape. It features a central ‘space of flows’ for access, flanked by hills housing various amenities. The site and its surrounding environment strive to be an inspiration to visitors and artists. The buildings are designed to have accessible roofs, so visitors have access to both, a landscape on ground, as well as a green roof, which serve as backgrounds for installation pieces across the campus. The landscape design echoes this material approach with paths of stabilized pebble, recycled stone mosaics and local planting from the region. Walking through the entry court, one will see the Gallery, Café, and a large pavilion-which leads visitors to the central court. Through here lie the artists’ workshops- for collective use – as well as individual studio spaces. There are also a series of amphitheaters on the edge of the property, which lead to a sculpture plaza. Beyond this, lie the residential spaces for the artists.

Vijaynagar, Karnataka

35,136 Sq.M

Design Team
Sameep Padora, Aparna Dhareshwar, Vami Koticha, Kunal Sharma, Aum Gohil, Ashif Shafi, Sanjana Purohit, Aayushi Joshi, Pranav Thole, Vishakh Surti, Ashwin Chidambaram

Year of Completion


Aagam Mehta, Kartik Rathod, Kunal Sharma, Sameep Padora