Icon Initiative 99 – Octacove Homes

The future of mass housing is inextricably linked to modes of production. Leveraging 3D printing for the Octacove homes we propose to minimize structure and material conflicts such walls seamlessly become roofs and structure becomes form. The plans are based on polygonal geometries ensuring an inherent logic of frugality through shared walls minimizing material consumption. These octagonal geometries at ground level mutate through the addition of niches serving diverse functions such as living spaces or bedrooms also augment structural strength. Natural airflow is ensured through stack effect ventilation through a central courtyard open to the sky court, which follows the same corbelling technique that supports the external walls. This integration of nature and technique underpins structural integrity but also develops visual character.

Austin, Texas, USA

37.1612 Sq.M

Design Team
Sameep Padora, Vami Koticha, Aparna Dhareshwar, Santhosh Narayanan, Keyur Shah, Saqib Shaikh

Year of Completion