Visitor and Knowledge Centre

The project is a competition entry conducted by the Mehrangarh Museum Trust (MMT) for the Visitor Centre and Knowledge Centre at the Mehrangarh fort. The location for the proposed visitor centre is just at the beginning of the visitor’s experience into the Fort complex. It is to be a formal starting point for the visitor’s journey, acting as a one stop point for all activities related to ticketing and information, while also separating the pilgrim circulation from the visitor circulation. Every year the Mehrangarh Fort receives a certain number of scholars seeking information on the heritage, culture and traditions of the region . To cater to the needs of these visitors, the Knowledge Facility block accommodates functions such as the conservation laboratory, archive and study centre. Community collaboration and other such allied and complementary functions are also housed here.

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

12,140 Sq.M

Design Team
Sameep Padora, Sanjana Purohit, Subham Pani, Sandeep Patwa, Aniket Umaria