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Urban Amphitheatre

Ahmedabad, Gujarat


2,00,000 Sq.M

Design Team
Sameep Padora, Aparna Dhareshwar, Saloni Parekh, Sanam Bauva, Karan Bhat, Ameesh Bhatnagar, Nitisha Raje, Sandy Patwa.

This project challenges the conventional typology of shopping malls as introverted boxes disconnected from their urban context. Instead, our design proposes a dynamic and interconnected structure that redefines the relationship between the built environment and the surrounding cityscape.

Central to our design concept is the incorporation of a series of pedestrian ramps, scaled at 1:12, that ascend along the terraces of the stepped volume of our building. These ramps serve a dual purpose: they extend the ground-level retail and food and beverage programs vertically, effectively creating an urban plaza that steps up from the corner location of our site. This quasi-public space is open to the city long after the fixed hours of the commercial programs that occupy the interiors, fostering a sense of community and engagement with the urban fabric. In addition to retail and food and beverage programs, our project integrates offices and other commercial spaces within a flexible and expandable module. This modular approach allows for programmatic changes over time, ensuring adaptability to evolving needs and market trends.

Two vertical voids penetrate through the mass of the building, culminating in lower courtyards. These voids serve as conduits for natural light, ventilation, and access to the lower public program, including the auditorium. By introducing these vertical elements, we enhance the spatial quality of the interior while creating visual connections between different levels of the building and the surrounding urban context.
The design proposal transcends the conventional boundaries of shopping malls by creating a dynamic and inclusive urban environment. Through the integration of pedestrian ramps, flexible programmatic modules, and vertical voids, we aim to foster connectivity, engagement, and vitality within the built environment, enriching the urban experience for both residents and visitors alike.