Exhibition: (de)Coding Mumbai at IFBE

(de)Coding Mumbai, Exhibition by Sameep Padora and Associates at IF:BE

(de)coding Mumbai documents the development of Mumbai’s housing fabric through the evolution of building and development codes. From the first regulations emerging as a panacea for the plague of 1896 to building codes today that do not consider the health of the inhabitants, it seems that the city of Mumbai has come full circle. Along the way in the last 100 years, different regimes, actors and their preoccupations have shaped the regulations for housing in the city of Mumbai. These regulations in turn shape the housing and urban form of the city impacting directly the lives of its residents.

The team at sPare that has been central to the project “(de)coding Mumbai” is Sameep Padora, Shreyank Khemalapure, Tanushree Agarwal, Aayushi Joshi, and Chinmay Shidore.



Exhibition Tour

by Sameep Padora

12 Jun, Sun | 11:00 AM and 15 June, Wed | 5:30 PM

Sameep Padora, principal architect at sP+a and sPare, will walk through the 18 case studies, that attempt to document and analyze the trajectories of Mumbai’s building codes. Tracing its interrelationships with socio-political and economic currents both domestic and international, (de)Coding Mumbai attempts to make explicit the making of Mumbai’s physical form.


Built Form Codes for Housing Everyone: Drafting a Design Manifesto

Workshop by Hussain Indorewala

14 June, Tue | 5:30 PM

As a part of IFBE presents (de)Coding Mumbai Exhibition by sPare, this workshop is imagined as an exercise in understanding and engaging with various stakeholders in the city and their imperatives and motivations in any large-scale housing project. The workshop is open to architects, urbanists, activists, students, or anyone who is interested to think and debate the ideas and concerns that ought to inform the specifications that shape the built environment, and are interested in an attempt to draft a housing design code for Mumbai.


Ghar Mein Shehar Hona (Part III)

Performance Presentation by CAMP

17 June, Fri | 6:30 PM

In a video lecture format honed by years of events at their rooftop studio and fuelled by archives they cultivate, CAMP presents a story of virtual and real landscapes in Mumbai. Via RTI, TDR, Cyprus, Capital Flight, GBGB Andolan, Songs, Stings, Drones, CCTV, .pdf and .xlxs among other strategies, technologies and politics developed in the first decades of the 21st century. 

With Shaina, Ashok and Simpreet
and Adarsh, Alyque, Naezy, Nayak, Medha, Sandeep, Rajjo, Tiger.


(de)Coding Mumbai

Lecture by Sameep Padora

18 Jun, Sat | 5:30 PM

Sameep’s lecture will put forward the research presented in the exhibition. It will discuss the changing preoccupations of building regulations in Mumbai over the last century, what are the corresponding built forms that are produced in response to the building regulations. The lecture will also lay out considerations for planning in the near future.


Understanding Building Regulations

Workshop by Prasad Shetty

19 Jun, Sun | 11 AM

As a part of IFBE presents (de)Coding Mumbai Exhibition by sPare, this workshop is geared toward conceptually engaging with the idea of building regulations. It opens the ways to understand the idea of law, what are the ways to think about framing laws and bye-laws, policies, and so on. The workshop is open for architecture and planning students, professional, or generally who is interested in understanding how to understand building regulations.



Discussion between the Residents of the Documented Case Studies

22 Jun, Wed | 5:30 PM

Usually discussion on housing in public forums are organised around expert opinions. The intention of this panel is invite residents and inhabitants of projects that are documented in the book and share their thoughts, experiences, aspirations, and views of inhabiting their specific forms of housing.


Housing Futures: Mumbai

Panel Discussion

25 Jun, Sat | 5:30 PM

Moderated by Hussain Indorewala, the concluding panel discussion will bring opinions and ideas on the future considerations for housing in Mumbai. This panel brings together eight experts from a diverse set of practices, intellectual positions, concerns, and forms of engagement with the city of Mumbai.

1. Jasmine Saluja / Architect and Urban Designer

2. Hussain Indorewala / Urban Researcher and Teacher

3. Prasad Shetty / Urbanist

4. Sameep Padora / Architect

5. Prachi Merchant / Urban Planner

6. PK Das (Pending Confirmation) / Architect and Activist