In the Name of Housing

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In the Name of Housing A Study of 11 Projects in Mumbai Year2016 PremiseHousing ExhibitionsTu DelftSeoul BiennaleThe State of Architecture The alarming deficit of affordable housing in the country has received a fair amount of attention in current and preceding governments. The central government mandate of Housing for All finds impetus in the 2016 budget, […]

Homegrown Cities (with URBZ)

1 1 Homegrown Cities (with URBZ)

Homegrown Cities (with URBZ) Year2014 PremiseAffordable Housing Dharavi, in the heart of Mumbai, is supposed to represent the quintessential Asian slum. Crowded streets and busy markets; domestic workshops cheek by jowl with sweatshops producing both real and fake Pepe jeans; brick houses rising as high as their microscopic footprints allow; high-rises mushrooming here and there […]

(de)Coding Mumbai

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(de)Coding Mumbai 18 Graphical Case Studies of the City’s Building Codes Year2018 PremiseBuilding Codes Link to ExhibitionsIF.BECEPT Housing within a city constitutes the majority of its built form. The quality of housing defines the image and qualitative experience of a city. Despite this obvious connection, state housing policies and the consequent regulatory frameworks often prescribe […]